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Pingvinmarchen 2

Director: Luc Jacquet


After 2 months of shooting in unique conditions in Antarctica last winter, Luc Jacquet returns with a new film shot mostly in 4K, with unseen submarine and droneshots.

This new story sees a young penguin about to embark on his first journey, following the mysterious call that compels every penguin, when winter falls, to set out for an unknown destination. Through the eyes and memories of his 45-year-old elder, we will contemplate this decisive moment, this magnetic call: we will follow our penguin closely during his enthralling journey, focusing on his doubts, his fears, and the challenges that face him at every step…

"March of the Penguins 2 - The Call" tells the destiny of one penguin whose powerful and mysterious instinct enables him to survive...


Release: 23/03/2017
Item ID: 1229
Run Time: 82 min.
Production Year: 2017
Original Title: La Marche De L'Empereur 2
Rating: Ikke vurderet
Genres: Documentary